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Pricing Plans

Some service packages

Dubbing (Professional)

€ 360Per Min

Package Included:
1 minute of speaking
Single language
Voice cloning
Emotional TTS
Professional Voice Cloning

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Dubbing and Editing

€ 490Per Min

Package Included:
1 minute video
Single language
Voice cloning
Emotional TTS
Pro-Voice Cloning (PVC)
Lip-Sync video

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Custom project

?By estimate

Contact one of our consultants to plan a complex job.
You can ask us anything, even the most complex and surprising.
We will be happy to make it happen.

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Currently, Italian and European legislation places no legal limits on what is achieved through generative artificial intelligence. This does not mean that what we create is exempt from the laws that protect copyright both in terms of moral and economic rights. So pay great attention to this aspect and never use content or images that are already protected by copyright or are clearly owned by someone.
Our services are always “project-based” and highly personalized to the customer’s needs. For this reason it is necessary to contact us for a very short briefing in which to analyze the needs in order to produce a solution to the maximum of our creative and technical capabilities.
By always creating “project-based” and highly personalized services based on the customer’s needs, in reality, you will always have a plan tailored to your needs. Let’s talk > buy > make It works like this.
We always offer maximum confidentiality on the work we carry out for our clients. Unless clearly stated to us, we always respect the privacy policies.
The products we make are always yours. If you are an agency, a freelancer or a reseller, it is important to us that, at the time of purchase, you declare that the materials are your property or that you have the rights to use them. Whether you use them for yourself or for others is not a problem for us.